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Mid Ulster Granite are delighted to be Northern Ireland’s lead supplier for Cosentino's new ultra compact surface, Dekton.


Dekton is the perfect material for designers, architects, house builders and developers as it can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its resistance to UV rays and its large formats, which make it easy and quick to install.Dekton offers huge capacity for decorative solutions of large areas and infinite design possibilities, allowing designs to flow indoors and outdoors and at all levels both horizontally and vertically. It can be used for a variety of applications, including bathroom flooring and coverings, kitchen worktops, floorings and coverings, furnishings, exterior facades, where Dekton covers the walls of any building like a layer of skin, floors and swimming pools.

As a Cosentino Gold Fabricator, Mid Ulster Granite can provide a 10-year Dekton warranty, special promotions on specific products and colours and exclusive products and colours from the Dekton range.

Ultra Size

320 cm x 144cm
Thanks to Dektons size and lightness. There are so many possibilities for new designs in kitchens, bathrooms, facades, walls and high traffic flooring


Ultra Performance

– High UV Resistance
– Highly Scratch Resistant
– Resistant to Stains
– High Resistance to Fire & Heat
– Resistant to Abrasion
– Resistant to Ice and Thawing

Ultra Thickness

12mm / 20mm
Dekton comes in two different thicknesses depending on application requirements


Ultra Compact

– Colour stability
– Impact Resistant
– Reduced Water Absorption
– Dimensional Stability
– Resistance to Compression

Solid Collection

    • Domoos

    • Galema

    • Korus

    • Sirius

    • Ventus

    • Zenith

Natural Collection

    • Aura

    • Danae

    • Edora

    • Entzo

    • Fossil

    • Gada

    • Irok

    • Karios

    • Kelya

    • Nayla

    • Opera

    • Sirocco

    • Vegha

Tech Collection

    • Blanc Concrete

    • Kadum

    • Keon

    • Keranium

    • Strato

Wild Collection

    • Aldem

    • Borea

    • Makai

    • Valterra

Industrial Collection

    • Nilium

    • Orix

    • Radium

    • Trilium

Xgloss Basiq

    • Manhattan

    • Qatar

    • Vienna

Xgloss Natural

    • Fiord

    • Glacier

    • Natura

    • Tundra

Xgloss Solid

    • Blaze

    • Halo

    • Lumina

    • Spectra

    • Splendor

    • Bevel

    • Pencil

    • Triple Pencil Top

    • New York

    • 1/4 Bullnose

    • Bullnose

    • Boxedge

    • Birdbeak

    • OG Edge

    • Shark Nose

    • Rebate Edge