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Natural Granite

This natural and extremely hard wearing stone brings style and practicality to the home and office.


Granite is one of the most durable and versatile materials available for a wide range purposes, it can be used for kitchen worktops, bathroom and shower surfaces, vanity tops and commercial counter tops.
  • Natural Stone
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Wide range of colours
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Natural Granite

    • Angolan Black

    • Baltic Brown

    • Blue Pearl

    • Blues In the Night

    • Bross Blue

    • Carrara Marble

    • Colonial White

    • Cosmic Black

    • Crème Marfill

    • Emerald Black

    • Emerald Pearl

    • Giallo Imperial

    • Kashmir White

    • Kinawa

    • Madura Gold

    • Millenium Cream

    • Moon White

    • Premium Black

    • River White

    • Rustenberg

    • Smoke Leather

    • Star Galaxy

    • Stargate

    • Tan Brown

    • Tanami

Sensa Granite

    • Bianco Antico

    • Black Beauty

    • Colonial White

    • Glacial Blue

    • Ice Blue

    • Indian Black

    • Moak Black

    • Orinoco

    • Taj Mahal

    • White Macaubas

Pura Stone

    • Black Pearl

    • Flash Blue

    • Luna White

    • Midi Black

    • Miracle White

    • Sapphire Brown

    • Steel Grey

    • Verde Uba Tuba

Please find the following care guidelines for looking after the work surfaces

- Granite worktops must not be rubbed with abrasive materials (such as metal pads, scouring detergents and wire wool or alkaline and chlorine based cleaners or bleach) instead, wash with clean warm water to which a non-abrasive light neutral detergent (PH7) may be added. Rinse with clean warm water and dry with a chamois leather or similar.

- Liquids spilt on your granite worktops should be mopped up immediately. The most risk is from highly alkaline or acidic liquids (such as lemon juice or vinegar), oil based substances (such as butter and cooking oils - hot oil splattering from cooking pans around the cooker), wine, detergents and alcohol.

- Do not allow any build up of salt or detergent on your granite worktop.

- Granite worktops should not be brought into contact with strong acids or chemicals including paint stripper, brush cleaner, oven cleaner, nail varnish remover, degreasant or similar products.

- For a longer lasting finish the granite worktop surface can be sealed to reduce its natural porosity.

- Do not hit your granite worktop with something blunt and heavy. It can crack, chip or even break (the edges are most likely to be damaged if physically abused).

- We would advise the use of a chopping board as a preparation centre to reduce the risk of damage to your granite worktop.

- Do not expose your granite worktop to excessive heat - we advise the use of a tripod or similar to place your pans on when taken directly from the hob.

    • Bevel

    • Pencil

    • Triple Pencil Top

    • New York

    • 1/4 Bullnose

    • Bullnose

    • Boxedge

    • Birdbeak

    • OG Edge

    • Shark Nose

    • Rebate Edge